Guy J. Bellaver

1944 -

Class of 2016

Visual Arts – Sculptor

Winner of Washington and Jefferson College’s National Sculpture

Competition in the 1970s

Selected works of Public Art Included in the Art Inventories

Catalog of the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Sculpture of Native American named Ekwabet by the Potawatomi

Nation in a formal Naming Ceremony

Over thirty pieces of public art around the country

A resident of St. Charles, Bellaver became a full-time sculptor in 1975. He has obtained national recognition for many of his works of art in addition to having them in private collections around the country. Guy’s monumental works include major public art and liturgical projects in Geneva, Elgin and St. Charles, IL, Latrobe, PA and Boston, MA.


Mr. Bellaver’s work spans many media, including metal, stone, wood, and mixed media (principally stainless steel/glass, stainless steel/honeycomb materials, and steel/fiberglass).  He works in both abstract and representational formats.  In addition to over 30 pieces of public art, his work is in private collections around the country and in Europe


After his discharge from the U.S. Army, Mr. Bellaver earned a B.A. in Economics from Saint Vincent College.  He has worked as a sculptor full time since 1975. He has pursued graduate studies in art at the master’s level at Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, and Northern Illinois University, as well as The School of the Art Institute in Chicago.  He is a current member of Chicago Sculpture International and International Sculpture Center, and a past member of Chicago Artist’s Coalition, Dupage Art League, Fox Valley Arts Council, Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, Texas Society of Sculptors and South Hills Art League.


In the 40 years that Guy has been a professional sculptor, he has worked in many mediums, including stone, wood, and metal.  His work over nearly four decades is eclectic, but shares a theme or style that is both organic and technical.  His most recent work has been in stainless steel, painted steel, or painted fiberglass, and ranges from “tabletop” to monumental pieces over 18 feet tall.  Guy's most recent series “…in Motion” is a series of kinetic sculptures that feature stainless steel and colored inserts of materials such as glass.


Guy has always been fascinated by the relationship of positive to negative space – the energy of their interaction, and my art.  In fact, the relationship of art to the STEM disciplines has informed his artwork since his very first, extremely geometric stone sculptures.  Guy's work is in civic, corporate, residential, and university settings – both commissioned and spec.  He takes pride in working effectively with all of those involved in commissioned work to achieve a piece that fulfills an artistic vision.


"I followed a very ‘unlinear’ route to art – through work, the Army, and college.  The journey was an experience – every day spent as an artist has been a joy." - Guy J. Bellaver